Types of football betting in India (Part 2)

Football is one of the favorite sport to play as well place on bets at India. So, bookmakers regard India as a potential market to make profit. They complete to attack bettors to their sites through offering many football events or odd rates or promotions.

In this article, we share major types in football betting at India. If you are caring about this bet, you need to distinguish other types to have proper strategies. It’s a good way to maintain betting process in a long term.

From the former article, we refer two types: futures betting and match betting. Now we continue to refer other types as following.

3, Props

This is a special type in betting because it doesn’t relate to outcome of game. Some content you can use props such as betting that player can make score or not? Or that players can make how many goals in this match? Or who is to receive the player of year so on.

In general, this type focuses on achievements of each player rather than cares about final outcome of a match.

4, Totals

It means to place on total goals in one match based on offered totals from sportsbook. Then you wager on over or under this number.

In general, this type is popular and easy to follow for bettor. However, you need to consider carefully total scored from sportsbook. They make you confusing about total actual number to limit your winning turn.

5, Asian handicap

The fact, it is the most popular bet in sport. Especially it is well-known in the Asia.

It means you will place on the point spread.

For example, you place a handicap 1.5 goal for team X in the match with team B. If the team X win more than 1.5 goals, you also win in this deal. The rest outcome, you will lose money.