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Types of football betting in India (Part 1)

Football is one of the most popular sport for betting in India. They would rather love and watch football matches than play it in their daily life. Not only cheering up for domestic football league, the Indian also follow international matches. Estimated they own a huge number of football fans. In this article, we find

Top the best betting sites in India

In this article, we continue to share top the best betting sites in India for reference. As far as we know, the Indian betting market is potential and attractive when the local are passionate with sport and betting in sports. To start betting efficiently, bettors need to choose good betting sites. It’s the first necessary

Top the best betting sites in India

Recently India is well known as a potential betting market with millions of USD industry. The Indian people prefer to gamble on betting in their daily life as habit. Estimated that there are about 80% people use betting at least once a year.  Thanks to a big number of bettors from India, many bookmakers have

When will the Indian Premier League return?

The organizing committee of the Premier League has decided that the 2019/20 season will undoubtedly be completed, but it will be delayed because of Covid-19. The Indian Football Federation, representatives of the Indian Premier League clubs, professional players associations, and a number of stakeholders have had a meeting to find solutions for the 2019/20 season.

Top the best betting sites in India

In India, there are many favorite sports to be practiced every day. Nowadays, they have not only played or focused on this match, but also preferred to gamble in this game. The fact that betting on sports becomes popular with almost people in India. Because the Indian are loved and interested in watching and playing

Information about Dafabet online casino in India

Along with the development of online casinos in India today, there is a lot of information about bookmakers that many players still don’t know. Therefore, in today’s article, we will introduce the Dafabet online casino to all of you. The Dafabet betting casino is currently one of the online gambling brands operated by Asianlogic’s subsidiary

Overall about sport betting in India

India is famous for a potential market for betting. As you know, India is the home of some games such cricket, tennis or rugby. Therefore, the Indian people also love and are proud of success in sports. When they watch a sport event, they are interesting to place some money as improvement for entertainment value.