Top the best betting sites in India

In India, there are many favorite sports to be practiced every day. Nowadays, they have not only played or focused on this match, but also preferred to gamble in this game.

The fact that betting on sports becomes popular with almost people in India. Because the Indian are loved and interested in watching and playing sports. Then they tend to place on betting when they watch some sport matches.

If you are caring about sport as well betting on sport in India, following our article to see top the best betting sites. It’s the first important step to place on betting effectively.


Betway is an international bookmaker with a wide range of customers and market. But in general, it is famous with customers in the Asia, especially in the Indian.

They have enough licenses and certificated legally, as well offering good policies about security, customer privacy, deposit, withdrawals or promotions. So, people feel satisfactory about this site with high standard of service.

Betway is popular in India because of major reasons as below:

Firstly, they offer term of payment conveniently for Indian player. Such as accepting currency in Indian Rupees through international banking system.

Secondly, they provide a wide range of sport and betting sport which are favorite of the Indian, like horse racing, football, tennis or cricket.


1xBet is one of the largest bookmakers in the international gambling market. The strongest point is ability to offer a wide range of sports event in incredible selection of games. So, it can satisfy any bettor.

According to research, many Indian players also feel comfortable and happy when using this bookmaker. In addition, 1xBet offer good promotions and prizes for winners. So, players can find many reasons to choose this site for betting