Types of football betting in India (Part 1)

Football is one of the most popular sport for betting in India. They would rather love and watch football matches than play it in their daily life. Not only cheering up for domestic football league, the Indian also follow international matches. Estimated they own a huge number of football fans.

In this article, we find major types of football betting in this nation,

You can find odds on the biggest leagues in the world of football. Before going to this topic, it’s better to know some major football events popular in India.

Some domestic leagues like: Indian Super league, I-league.

Or some international leagues like: the Premier League in England, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 or NLF and also Chinese Super League.

Among these events, the India betting sites offer some major types as following:

1, Futures betting

Futures betting is a long-term bet. It means that you will predict which team will be winners in the end of season. 

This type is usually popular for a big league prolonging some weeks, even some months. 

The result can be adjusted at other periods of the season. However, the odd rates can be changed accordingly. The best odd rate is chosen when the season starts or some first matches of the campaign.

Because India love football, so they usually follow all matches. This is the reason why this type is favorited.

2, Match betting

Match betting is appreciated as the most popular type of wager in India and the world because it’s easy to follow.

At per football match, bettor will choose which team win with a fixed odd rate they expect. Then they follow and wait the final minute to know results.

In the Indian gambling market, beside betting the winning team, you also place on tie bet. This is a special policy to be offered so that bettors have more choices for predictions.